5 Things That A Branding Agency Can Do That Your Team Won’t

Branding is essentially what drives the consumer’s decision to choose you over the next product or service they encounter. It’s the set of a few key components, which altogether tell how valuable your product/service is to people. In a nutshell: your brand is your promise to the customer. Also, contrary to a common misunderstanding, branding does not begin and end with creating a logo. In fact, many companies pay little or no attention at all to forming their own brand identity and a solid brand strategy, which over the years will very likely lead to ineffective marketing and overall communication inconsistency - only to start with.

‘What does a Branding Agency do exactly?’

A Branding Agency is an expert at creating, improving, revamping and keeping brands alive. It’s a one-stop place for a team of professionals who are dedicated to delivering fully customized branding solutions following your business’s unique needs & goals. Among these solutions are Identity creation, Communication style, Market & Competition research, Typography & Color Scheme, Brand applications, and many others.

Now that you’re acquainted with the purpose of a branding agency, let’s see what exactly it can do for your business much better than you can on your own:

1. Prevent you from losing your mind… and time

Unless you’re an expert, creating a brand identity followed by a suitable brand strategy will have you bumping your head against the wall. It begins with ‘Where do I start?’ and is followed by ‘Does this make any sense?’. You will for sure find plenty of articles, cheat sheets and tutorials on the Internet, however what you will not find is a personalized formula that works for your business and your business only.

And I’m not even going to mention the amount of hours and patience that goes into researching all the necessary information for you to even complete Stage 1 of the process. Imagine doing all that while trying to manage all other essential tasks to keep the business going. On the other hand, the creative team of a branding agency already has the knowledge and experience necessary to carry it all out in a timely and organized way, focusing exclusively on your brand.

2. Give you an objective, unbiased and fresh perspective

I usually hear the following:

‘Nobody knows our business better than our own team.’

And that is true - but only to a certain extent. You may know your business pretty well, however it is likely that an agency has a better comprehension of your customers than you do, in addition to serving you 100% honesty about your weaknesses. Even if you have your own internal marketing expert or an entire team, their everyday interaction with the brand leads to lack of fresh perspective and objectivity over time. Many established companies usually get stuck in their own routines, making it challenging to spot market opportunities and also rebrand.

The reason why many businesses shy away from reaching out to a branding agency is because they believe that ‘the outsider team cannot have an insight good enough to make it work’. In fact, the opposite is true:

Companies need to constantly bring in an innovative and unbiased point of view - especially in today’s constantly changing landscape and increasingly competitive market.

This way more strategic and creative questions can be discussed and more opportunities can be welcomed into the company.

3. Grant you access to a team of experts

Imagine that you have to search for, hire, train and pay salary to a bunch of branding professionals, among which graphic designers, copywriters, storytellers, and strategists: just to be able to create the powerful brand you want.

Having a one-stop shop with experts at every aspect of branding sounds like less of a hassle, won’t you agree?

That’s what an expert branding agency is all about. Outsourcing one will not only save you extra employee costs, but it will also give you access to a cross-industry POV, such as what is currently working for other businesses and what are the trends in other niches.

4. Prepare you for the long game by tackling the BIG questions

If marketing is designed to spread the word about a company, branding helps to determine it at the most fundamental level. How so? By answering some key questions, such as:

  • What is the company’s purpose?

  • Why would customers buy from you?

  • What is the optimal market positioning?

Oftentimes businesses fail to ask these questions at the very start, which results in misalignment between the team as it grows, on one hand, and lack of customer loyalty, on the other. Just think about it this way:

If your own team doesn’t know what value you provide, why would people know?

Is branding a long-run investment? Absolutely. Maintaining a consistent and trustworthy consumer experience throughout the years is at its core.

5. Help you to stay on track

Have you ever heard the saying ‘consistency is key’? Well, that’s the exact approach practiced by the top brands across the world. The key reason why they connect so well with their audiences and continue to stay relevant in their markets is largely due to the consistent communication across ALL their channels.

You won’t catch Nike sounding boring and unmotivated, will you?

An agency with the necessary expertise is able to assist you in maintaining a consistent brand strategy and voice that resonate well with the target audience, and ultimately have a positive influence on your bottom line.

by Adelina Petrakieva

Co-founder & Brand Expert

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