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VIRTUAL SHOWROOMS — Shopping habits are changing & smart brands are trying to stay ahead of the curve with the increasingly popular virtual showrooms. Consumers who are predominantly purchasing online now have the emerging need for reliable and detailed product/service information.

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The logo is a visual expression of the two words, compounding company's name. On one hand, it represents technological links. On the other, it forms a hemisphere of a brain, where the technological links can be seen as neurons.

Using blue colors in tech-related companies helps them build associations of authority, sense of stability and reliability. Danube is the main brand color, that helps DevMinds find its place within the comfortable blue family. Its bright hue sparks liveliness and perfectly corelates with a more contemporary cutting-edge technology.

By using illustrations, DevMinds aims at standing out from the typical photo-strewn sites.


Branding/ Creative Direction


Established back in 2016, DevMinds is a prospering technology and software development agency which specializes in the initial architecture, programming, and follow up maintenance of customized web based solutions.


Take their company to the next level with a strong & distinctive branding. ⁣⁣


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