Welcome to the BrandUp Contest 2022

A contest for start-ups only, in which the participants get the chance to win a Brand Identity for their company and an entirely new personalized Website - all executed by a professional marketing agency free of any charge.

Who can participate?

Europe-based start-ups who for one reason or another haven’t gotten the opportunity or the financial means to build their brand fully yet, and are in need of a unique Brand Identity together with a fully personalized Website, so that they can take their startup to the next level.

What are we looking for in a startup?

Pretty much start-ups from any industry are welcome to join the contest. The one thing that we’re looking for, above anything else, is Purpose. We need to connect with your idea, driving force & mission.

A few of the criteria that we’ll be paying close attention to:

→ Innovation


Mission & Vision

Team  and Motivation

The Story Behind

And the WINNERS of the contest aaare:

MultiArt (Bulgaria)

Brand Identity + Entirely Personalized Website 

Contrabandno (Bulgaria)

Brand Identity

DuoMe (UK)

50% off ANY service that we offer

Why are we doing it & why now?

If you’re wondering how we came up with the idea of The BrandUp Contest & more importantly why we’re willing to partner up with a few of you to create something unique for your start-ups absolutely for free, keep on reading further…

‘"Exactly 1 year ago Estudio was born out of the desire to share my creative vision with the world & leave my own mark in the graphic design industry. 


Throughout this one year me & my team have managed to work on various exciting projects that we’re proud of, while not giving up despite all the obstacles that a young company faces every single day. You know, like being doubted by everyone, having to prove our skills, fighting for our first clients, being super confused with all the taxes & realizing we actually need an accountant - just to start with.


Sounds familiar?

We might not share an industry - or even a geographical market, but we do share the struggles that come with starting a business. 


Estudio’s purpose has been, since the very beginning, to leave a positive impact, and working with bold & driven entrepreneurs has remained a goal of ours. We wanted to do both, so we came up with an idea:

Once a year we’ll be organizing our own competition for start-ups & we’ll be awarding our personalized services to the ones who need & want them most. This way we can give back the best way we can - by making powerful brands out of promising start-ups. "

- Martin Voynov, Founder

Apply for the BrandUp Contest NOW

Good To Know

How do we define ‘startup’ - aka who can participate?

You are a newly formed company who wants to develop - or already is developing - a product/service that addresses a certain market gap, while being focused on rapid growth. You’re also solving a consumer problem, and perhaps even changing the ways things are traditionally done (bonus points for that).

How to enter the competition?

Simply fill out the form here.

How many winners will there be?

There will be 3 winners in total, each with a different prize:

  • 1st place: Brand Identity + Entirely Personalized Website

  • 2nd place: Brand Identity

  • 3rd place: 50% off ANY service that we offer according to your choosing

If I already have some branding and/or website, can I still participate?

Absolutely! As long as you fit the rest of the criteria and provide us with a solid reason about why your current branding and/or website does not satisfy your company’s needs, you can participate in the contest.

How will the winners be picked?

Our team will be accessing all the participants on:

  • Purpose

  • Innovation

  • Impact 

  • Mission & Vision

  • Team & Motivation

  • The Story Behind

When will the winners be announced?

We will announce the winners on 4th April on all our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).

If I win, when will we start working together?

ASAP! After announcing the winners, we will contact them directly and begin our communication with them.