Okay, got it. How about ‘rebranding’?

‘Rebranding’ is the process of remodeling both the image & identity of an already established company who aims to stand out in the market, and align more closely with the current wants, needs, and values of its customers.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to rebranding. You can go as minimal as replacing the logo, or as transformative as responding with products and services that appeal to completely different audiences/markets (remember when in 2004 LEGO started asking kids what they really want to play with?).

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Show the world your uniqueness with Branding

We create a living breathing brand that embodies your ideas and communicates your story to the world. Or we rebuild your existing brand identity so that it matches your current market position & customers’ needs, and helps your business be in tune with the current & innovative.

Actually... What is ‘branding’?

Imagine that you’re building a yacht - but not just any yacht! It needs to be durable, fast, stylish, trendy, and comfortable. Then you plan to sell it. However, there are thousands of other yachts for sale in your city that are just as good quality-wise. Why would people want to buy from you?

This yacht represents your business, and branding is what drives the consumer’s decision to choose your yacht over the one that your competitor is selling. It’s the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships, which altogether tell how valuable your product/service is to people. In a nutshell: your brand is your promise to the customer.

Branding Agency Europe Estudio Bulgaria Sofia


Want customers to buy from you (instead of the competitors) repeatedly,


Aim to enhance your marketing & make it more impactful,


Feel like your company is being outbranded,


Have just launched your business, or


Understand the power of the recognizable & likable brand.

Why should I even invest in branding?

We cannot promise you an immediate ROI of 380%. If you’re looking for results right NOW, go with Digital Advertising. However, go with Branding if you …

Do I need you guys for that? Not necessarily!

However, you will have to carry out extensive research, create a Brand Heart, learn how to make a logo, pick the right colours & fonts, know how to be brand-consistent, come up with a tagline & a communication strategy, identify your Brand Voice, etc., etc.

Aaaall by yourself.

Let’s just say that having a team of experts dedicated to creating a fully customised branding solution following your business’s unique needs & goals is less lonely… and much more AWESOME.

Branding Agency Europe Estudio Bulgaria Sofia

After 20+ years on the market, Amateh was ready to transition into its new era, while keeping its core leading principles that brought it where it is today.⁣ We assisted them in crafting a more sophisticated & compelling brand identity.

"After the 20th anniversary of my company I wanted to refresh its look and update the image, so that it fits with our market position today. From the start, Estudio’s team took an extremely personal approach and dived deep into Amateh’s history and company culture. They executed all branding aspects brilliantly, while following my requirements and vision."

Ivaylo, CEO of Amateh

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